We develop and design eCommerce websites that provide you and your customers with the best “online shopping” experience! What this means, they will be repeat customers!!! I don’t know about you, but I shop online at stores where it is easy, quick, and great customer service is provided. This is the type of experience Summit will create for your customers and future customers.

What you can expect from your eCommerce site

Mobile Responsive

Guarantees customer’s ability to
navigate through your website
on-the-go with ease.


Our websites are developed to make it accessible to all types of customers. With our great user experience, customers will be able to navigate, buy, and contact your business swiftly.

Integrated Design

All of the websites we design are fully-integrated and have features where you’ll be able to connect to digital marketing tools, mailing lists, third-party inventory data, and CRMs.

Built for Speed

It is essential that each client is able to load your website quickly. Our websites are designed to load faster to increase conversion rates, SEO rankings, and most of all YOUR CUSTOMERS!

High Conversion Rates

Our eCommerce websites are built for higher conversion rates and to sell efficiently, from cross selling to up selling to a 2-click check out. We leave zero window of time for your new customer to change their mind!

When it comes to eCommerce, choosing the right platform
is the first step to success


Built with higher volume infrastructure,
Magento supports customization and
specialized functionality.


For simple e-commerce stores without
a lot of custom functionality
we suggest Shopify.


WooCommerce is developed through
WordPress and permits a greater degree
of customization and support for
more complex functionality than Shopify.

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