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What is the difference between Mobile Friendly Design and Responsive Design?

You may have heard of Mobile Friendly Design and Responsive Design, but you may not know what the difference is. 

What is Mobile Friendly Design?

Mobile friendly design refers to the ease of use of your website if a user attempts to access it via their smartphone. In today’s society, having a mobile friendly website is a must. The website will be the same across all devices in terms of functionality and design.

What is Responsive Design?

With responsive design, the backend of the website checks for the specifications of the device that the user is using and then shows the correct form of the website for that device. The site will look completely different on a smartphone in comparison to the desktop site.

What’s the Difference?

The difference between mobile friendly design and responsive design is the fact that mobile friendly design only mirrors the website but ensures it is still functional via smartphone. Whereas with responsive design, the website looks completely different depending on what device is being used to view it.

For example, if you have a desktop, tablet, and smartphone lined up next to each other, pull up the same website on each device. If the website looks different on each device, you are looking at a website that has a responsive design. If it looks the same across all devices and is still a working website, then it is a mobile friendly design. 

The reality is, responsive design is becoming the standard for website design, it attracts more customers and views on websites because it is easier to navigate for the user.

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